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Established in 2012, we provide unique high quality art instruction for children in an environment that encourages authentic creativity.

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What We offer


“You need a teacher, we can show you the ways of the force”

Homework Cafe

Let us take some of the stresses of homework off your plate.

Special Events

Come and party like it’s your birthday!

Open Studio

Create all the mess and let us take care of the cleanup!

Meet the Millers

“When a teacher falls in love with an artist, they live in a place called EaselTown…”

Paul and Lisa Miller have been combining their talents for over 12 years now as they raise their 3 boys and spread their love of the arts and teaching with the Memphis community.  They built Easel Town with the purpose of providing unique, high quality fine art instruction for children in an environment that encourages authentic creativity born through problem solving and a willingness to risk mistakes. Their goal is to cultivate acommunity where the experiences and skills gained through the art process are viewed as important tools for future successes. The student centered approach of their classes allows art to be a true expression of the childhood imagination.