It is with the heaviest of hearts that we announce the closing of Easel Town. We are so grateful for all of our families who made us part of their art journey. We have poured everything we have into Easel Town, but the impact of COVID has just been too much for our small business. Take care.studio in the 


where process art & fine art live in harmony! We are an art studio in the heart of Memphis that provides a creative community for

all artists… studio in the 

  • Artists seeking to get their hands dirty while enjoying the art process & all its wonder
  • Artists seeking to grow through technique & be inspired by artists who came before them
  • Artists seeking to unleash their inner creativity through crafting



“Easel Town has not only improved my art, it has improved my imagination, creativity & perspective. The teachers put their heart into their work, & it really pays off!”

-Gus (age 10)

“I think Easel Town is fun & exciting! There are nice kids there. I feel like everybody is my friend! All the projects I have done there have been so incredible. There just aren’t words to explain how fun they are!” 

-Amelia (age 9)

“Easel Town is fun, creative, & much much more! You learn how to do art, make crafts, paint, sculpt, and draw. Easel Town is the funnest art camp I’ve ever been to! Easel Town is the best!”

-Ben (age 7)

“I love Easel Town because they make me feel so welcomed! I have loved all the camps and classes I’ve been to because of the really fun projects. I have made so many new friends!”  

-Avery (age 11)

“It’s my favorite place to be! I love to paint and play with the sensory bins. I love Mrs. Lisa to teach me my letters.”                                                  

-Brooklyn (age 5)

“Easel Town has helped me learn about so many types of art. I love working with clay & sculpting fun things. I also enjoy seeing my friends every week!”

-Fox (age 10)


Credit and much thanks to Joan Cusick for the photo!

Paul and Lisa Miller have been combining their talents for over 15 years as they raise their 3 boys and spread their love of the arts with the Memphis community. They built Easel Town with the purpose of providing unique artistic opportunities for children in an environment that encourages authentic creativity born through problem solving and a willingness to risk mistakes. Their goal is to cultivate a community where the experiences and skills gained through the art process are viewed as important tools for future successes.