When a teacher falls in love with an artist, they live in a place called Easel Town… Paul and Lisa Miller have been combining their talents for over 15 years as they raise their 3 boys and spread their love of the arts with the Memphis community.

Paul is a working artist who specializes in the figure. He holds a bachelor’s degree in fine arts from the University of Memphis with a concentration in painting. Paul has been leading the After School Art program at the University of Memphis Campus School since 2012. In addition, he is also the art teacher at St. Luke’s Day School. Paul’s instruction is fine arts based with a heavy emphasis on the elements of art. Being a big kid at heart, he understands the importance of selecting projects that are meaningful and engaging to his students. 

With a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education from the University of Memphis, Lisa has taught/tutored since 2005. Her teaching and tutoring experience includes pre-k through 6th grade. During her time as a supervising teacher at The University of Memphis Campus School, she was recognized as an “irreplaceable” for attaining a TEM 5 status with evaluation scores in the top 10%. She also works part time as an early interventionist providing developmental therapy in homes for children birth to 3. Lisa believes that children should get their hands dirty and actively engage in the world around them. She finds joy in the authenticity of children and their unique perspective. 

Paul and Lisa built Easel Town with the purpose of providing a creative community where process art & fine art live in harmony. Their goal is to cultivate artistic experiences for ALL ARTISTS through a variety of classes. 

Draw, Paint, Sculpt: These classes focus heavily on the elements of art while exploring a variety of mediums. Artists learn techniques that gently push them outside their comfort zone and encourage them to grow as an artist. 

Mini Makers & Toddler Play Groups: These classes are all about the process and not the finished product. It’s about getting your hands dirty and exploring different tools and mediums while soaking in all the joy that comes with the creative process.

School’s Out Camps: Our camps are the true experience of what it means to be an Easel Towner! There is literally something for everyone. Teachable moments are used to sneak in art techniques while mess making is encouraged and your inner crafter really shines. Friendships are formed over slime covered hands and bonds are built at the Lego table.